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Playtime Update

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Dear everyone, Playtime says howdy and Salute to all

I will try to keep this short and to the point I take after my GrandDad in so many ways such as long messages. 

My Grand Dad is one very determined man to keep up his positive thoughts and never giving up on his medical issues. In fact he is the one keeping my Brother and Grand Mothers hopes high when we have been down. He responded very well to some experimental medical treatments that will hopefully help many other people with his type of cancer.

He looks forward to almost everyday now and even played the game for about 30 - 40 minutes one evening  = Navy of course and killed 3 edds - it was as if he hadn't been away from this game. But he paid for it the next 3 days with quite a bit more pain and confusion. But he swears he will be back and prays the Navy will be better, in other words he plans on coming back full time but that remains to be seen.

His stomach cancer is under control after losing almost half of his stomach to get rid of the tumors inside and cancerous tissues. He  has been up and walking short distances - around the house and spends more time watching tv in our living room than he does in bed now.

He told me to make sure to tell everyone he is doing - Great and he plans on coming back. Our Dad also wanted to let everyone know just how much this game has helped him sense he became ill. 

Playtime is doing better than any of his Doctors thought possible at John Hopkins & the University of Michigan. He has actually put on 4 pounds after losing almost 70.  He was a big guy at 6'4" tall & was very muscular @ 220 pounds but to see him now it's a bit hard because of how thin he now is. But hopefully that will change. No positive thinking he will get better period. 

Until another update no idea when though this is where he is at.

Thank You, Bockscar & B0ckscar

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Glad to hear that he is getting better.  Hope to see him in game for many more years to come. 

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S! Sending thoughts of good thoughts to you and your dad -- hope to one day soon ambush both of you at an FB! :))

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