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TM Joystick/Throttle not being detected

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I purchased a TM T.16000 FCS throttle and stick to replace my old x52. I installed drivers and began to play. Set controllers up in game the way I wanted and included trackir for my viewing. Next day I logged in and my joysticks were no longer being detected, tried the following fixes:

-Unplugged/Plugged in controllers in game (hit detect controllers)

-Same as above but after closing client and relogging

-Re-installing drivers

-Re-installing game

-Deleted air.cfg so it made a new file

-TM software profile's

No luck on fix, oddly this happened after a session where the game worked great with it.

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Is it still showing as 'joystick saved' bottom right of keymapper on the little drop down? I had a similar problem where it was showing 'default' after I updated client. Just a thought

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Are you guys configuring the stick with the "Target GUI"  profiles running,    if so that is probably the issue.

the software uses a "virtual joystick"

If you go-to   `devices and printers` and click on game controller settings you' see the joystick is called T.16000m 

as soon as you run a profile in the Target GUI software, you'll see the name of the joystick change to "Thrust-master Combined" 

And for some reson the the joystick wont work in battleground Europe. (actually that's not completely true any buttons you've programmed to specific keys  in the GUI software will work,  but the axis's wont.)

there is a workaround though for windows 10 

if you go back and  look in Devices and printers   when you have a profile running in the TARGET GUI software 

(incidentally  you'll notice there's now an extra hid-compliant game controller along with  the one called T.16000M)

if you click  on  the T.16000m  and instead of selecting game controller settings click Troubleshoot 

it will come up with a box saying "enable device"

click on APPLY THIS FIX  and it should enable the hid controller for the T.16000m

In game controllers you should now see two joysticks one called Trustmaster combined and the other called T.16000m 

and all should be right with the game.  and you can program keys and axis in game and in the target gui softwere.

(unfortunately you'll have to repeat the Process  every-time you decide to run a profile in the Target GUI software because the fix  doesn't  stick)






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updated fix 

on windows 10 and using the target software 


Run regedit and navigate to.......        HKEYLOCALMACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Enum/USB/ VID_044F&PIDB10A       ( VID_044F&PIDB10A is the device id for the thrustmaster  T.1600m  other thrustmaster joysticks will have a different device id )

click on Device Parameters  and look for  AllowIdleIrpInD3 , DeviceSelectiveSuspended , and EnhancedPowerManagementEnabled  and set the values to 0 

restart and your done! .... well almost, you may have to set the hat switch to directx outputs in the target  profile for the game (depending on how you set up your stick)

now  everytime you run a profile  in the Target GUI software you will see in the game controller settings that the  T.1600 name changes to "Thrustmaster Combined "(like it did originally)  BUT it will not put the joystick to sleep and all should work fine.....  well it dose for me 


EDIT for developers.....for some reason I only have to apply this fix because I'm running wwiiol  the joystick works fine with the target software in all my other games without it.

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