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Tier 0 AA comparrison

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42 minutes ago, major0noob said:


it happens with the bofors too, plant 3 in the engine and he fly's away with white smoke.

the old rat response was the propeller detonates the shell and/or the angled armor up front deflects it. it only effects the spit though so both responses are BS.

Well as an aa gunner who loves the mle38,  I only achieve more satisfaction hit per hit with the bofors. Naturally and the last he111 kill I had.... in recent memory it took 11 hits in total on 2 passes t kill him but he had already dropped all bombs. I just don't think personal experience is a good gauge. I have also flamed db7s with a single flak30 hit of he111 with a single 25mm hit. What I'm saying is it's hard to gauge, but I'm not in denial when it comes from th flak 30 delivering Knock out blow. It's anemic compared to the mle , no doubt. Now don't get me wrong, I would not push the subject if it was not for the FMS and tank busters unless the mle  got ap rounds.

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Mostly 80% with one hit from a Mle38 and i am dead.

But if you often hit me on they way to the ground the staats say maby 4-5 hits but the frst hit was engough for the 111.


All i play over they years the 111 i never life after 3 hit from a mle38 and sometimes a rife guy shot me down from 200m with one hit.

It all happens...


But the he 111 is a really nice plane and from my view the bombers DB7, He 111, and the Blen are one of the strogenst units in the game if your skill is very high with this.

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I've been away over the weekend and only just managed to catch up on the forums. Thanks for everyone's inputs so far.

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