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On 7/15/2017 at 5:29 PM, david01 said:

When the allies demanded and cheered on absurd game-killing rules like several minutes of spawn delay, or warping brigades that nullified hours worth of coordinated effort, or any number of changes over the years because they thought the changes would hurt squads.

When exactly did we celebrate spawn delays?
Time to put down the bias glasses mate, no one likes having a spawn delay, and no one wants or cheers for a 2 minute spawn delay.
We get the purpose of it, doesn't mean anyone enjoys it.

Im not exactly sure what some of the other stuff your talking about is because you're too vague, kind of sounds like your refering to HC's?
If so, hell the axis pretty much invented HC as far as the game goes, they were using it before the game got any mechanics and tools to do it.
The game just copied that and made dedicated tools to do it for the most part.
Maybe your talking about something else? im just guessing

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I agree Lipton, but you can't fault people with wanting to use equipment. You might find that allied planes are much more fun, so you might want to play allies one campaign. You might find the axis tanks are much more fun and play with them, so you might play axis one campaign. I think the problem is population more than anything, and if we get an influx of players maybe the impact won't be as great.

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On 7/14/2017 at 11:25 PM, HATCH said:

I don't recall them ever "hating" squads, but can definitely attest to the fact that they had a harder time getting their squads to work together for a larger goal

We did wind up having too much intra-alliance grumbling/bickering
No we want this french, no we want that AB british, OMG you capped the AB we wanted it this/that country, but eh you get over it.
Back then, what ever you capped an AB as, thats all it could spawn, you could not co house multiple countries/units.

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Interestingly (or not) there was almost a Franco-British Union in June 1940. Churchill, DeGaulle and others proposed it - Petain rejected it and a few days later made peace with Germany and became head of Vichy France. 

Image result for franco british union 1940

DECLARATION OF UNION - Churchill, June 16, 1940

At this most fateful moment in the history of the modern world The Governments of the United Kingdom and the French Republic make this declaration of indissoluble union and unyielding resolution in their common defence of justice and freedom against subjection to a system which reduces mankind to a life of robots and slaves.

The two governments declare that France and Great Britain shall no longer be two nations, but one Franco-British Union.

The constitution of the Union will provide for joint organs of defence, foreign, financial, and economic policies.

Every citizen of France will enjoy immediately citizenship of Great Britain; every British subject will become a citizen of France.

Both countries will share responsibility for the repair of the devastation of war, wherever it occurs in their territories, and the resources of both shall be equally, and as one, applied to the purpose.

During the war there shall be a single War Cabinet, and all the forces of Britain and France, whether on land, see, or in the air, will be placed under its direction. It will govern from wherever it best can. The two Parliaments will be formally associated. The nations of the British Empire are already forming new armies. France will keep her available forces in the field, on the sea, and in the air. The Union appeals to the United States to fortify the economic resources of the Allies, and to bring her powerful material aid to the common cause.

The Union will concentrate its whole energy against the power of the enemy, no matter where the battle may be.

And thus we shall conquer.

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