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Hey all,

For those who are new to the game, the learning curve can be pretty steep. Jon8798 has put together some videos that run through all the basic concepts allowing a new player to learn how the campaign map works, how to read it and how to find and join a battle. The first attempts went through the Barracks for constructive criticism and what we have here is 5 reasonably polished videos.

Part 1 : (intro, tiers, the map, squads)

Part 2 : (winning, supply, attack/defence orders)

Part 3 : (Components of a town, how to attack and defend)

Part 4 : (How to find and join a mission then enter the game world)

Part 5 :  (communications, squads tab, settings, brigade roster)

Please watch in HD in order for the text to be readable.

Hope someone learns something.


Thanks to player JON8798 for his hard work creating these videos. There may be some subtle differences in today's game but these will give you a very good basic idea of how the game works.

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