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Mon petit journal - My little diary

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Dear Diary,


Today was my first real day on the battlefield. Sorry if I write in English but since most people speak that I prefer to write like this, so sorry if I make some mistake!

First I joined up as an infantry, guarding the Capture point for the Allies, I died multiple time but I got better. I managed to kill multiple ennemy with my trusted thompson and also the french sub-machine gun. That was AWESOME! Pew pew pew! BOOOOOUUUUUUUUMMMMM!

I don't really know if it was usefull in the end because apparently the side I picked is moving in the wrong direction on the map. Ho well, it was still fun!



After that I joined another mission and was now in a Tank, a sherman. A big tank with tracks, guns, armor and... A noisy engine so you wouldn't really like it. It was also very bumpy during the ride. You would not like the TIGER too by the way. It's an ennemy tank, VERY big and VERY mean! With a gun much bigger than mine! So I exploded quickly! I managed to hit him three time before he got me! That was intense!

After that, I joined up again and placed myself on a side. Waiting for the Tiger to come, I meet his little brother, Panzer IV G. Also a mean guy but he was the one who exploded! One shot and KABOOOOMMMM! Michael Bay would have been proud, a beautiful explosion!

After that I saw the Tiger presenting his flank. I had a perfect shot, short distance. I fired, and hitted him. IT DID NOT DO ANYTHING TO THE TIGER! Can you believe this?

The Tiger stopped and turned a bit toward me. I couldn't move, or run. So I kept shooting, with allies coming close on me. I scored multiple hit on him. But he destroyed me, a few seconds later, he exploded too. But I did not got the kill on the screen, how sad.



After that, back in infantry guarding capture point. I did something incredible. See there is also planes fighting each other in the sky. A friendly plane was chased by an ennemy plane, a FW 190, also called the Butcherbird (guess how he got the name.) I decided to try to help, and I fired.... Then suddently, the FW 190 lost control and went in spiral!

I kept firing and he crashed right next to my CP.

After a few minutes and a few ennemy killed. I returned to base and what a surprise! I got the kill for the FW!




Today was a good day, and I can't wait for tomorrow!

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