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Behind Enemy Lines

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The crash of a C-47 (or JU-52, depending on the side,) strands a team of paratroopers twenty kilometres into enemy-held territory. Can they evade the enemy and make their way back to their own lines, or can the Germans (or British/French)  locate and wipe the team out?




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queue intro music
Near, far, wherever you are,  I believe that ya'all are dead meat.  Once more you're dead on the floor  And you're here in the dirt and my gun will shoot on and on "

Does this answer your question?


But wait.....
There's more......

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So Merlin, tell us. What happened Next???
Oh, im glad you asked...












And it got worse.... THe Brits came!!









One tried to surrender


He did it wrong


To receive your next chapter in this gripping drama, please send $14.99 in cash cheque or money order to
Cornered Rat Software
C/O Playnet
1901 Central Dr # 400 
Bedford, TX 76021

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for shipping and handling


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I would like these kind of scenarios behind enemy lines. :P

Still grumpy that I never saw that scenario that would mimic Pearl Harbour, and have a huge squadron of air trying to sink ships.

I even got a placement in the scenario. A number that allowed me to sit in a transport ship. The AA-guns of those are amazing. Off-topic, but this thread reminded me of the possibilities this game has to make scenarios, so that we for a short while could get screenshots similar to the marketing departmen, but live. I mean today: We could even send the event live, have some newspapers commenting with experts from the era... etc...

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