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3 new tank buster planes

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 Lets see some stats on these? I expect 2 of the 3 to be far better. One is a slow bomber with big guns, the others fighters. One will flutter and stall with a hard turn, the others will whip a 180 with a flick of the stick (like a drone, as Gs only apply to some planes).

One will take better then twice as long to get over the target, then twice as long to slog home after it's 20 cannon rounds have bounced off the ET.

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The Stuka is getting the Bk37mm and IIRC the twin 81z tail gun.  Not sure if they are going AP.40 or pzGr.39 yet.

The Hurri2D is getting the 40mm Vickers S gun. Not sure if its the Mk1 or Mk2 or ammo type

The Bell is getting the 37mm M4 Cannon IIRC. 


If its all just plain AP ammo - the Stuka will have the best anti armor round of the three followed closely by the H2D with the Bell lagging pretty far behind the pack.

The H2D and Stuka having the most stabile gun platform, the bell will also suffer due to its stability issues at low speeds.. The bell will have to hit engine decks and low flanking hits to sides.  I rather the Bell get HE for A2A and let the 2D do the ground work IMHO, though you never know in this game. Ppl can get real good and take risks you don't take in real war.

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