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Cornered Rats

Update on Steam Release Schedule

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Good morning everyone.

I wanted to come give you an update on the rollout status for today. 

As you know, we had scheduled the release of the game for Europe today. Unfortunately we've made the decision to postpone the full release to Europe in order to address some of the resolution issues that we've seen since the start of our Steam availability. 

One of the biggest things that customers have been reporting and one of the things that has been the most has been the most frustrating to them is an inability to save changes to the game resolution.

Our development team has identified the issue causing this and has been working on a solution. The suspected cause for this behavior is non-standard characters in the file path (such as accented characters, for example). 

In order to allow for us to fully test the patch to correct this issue, we have decided to hold of on releasing to the majority of Europe until later in the week. 

We will be opening up access to the UK and Ireland, as we feel that the potential for this problem to manifest itself in those areas is relatively lower than in the rest of Europe. 

We know that you all have been patiently watiting for the game to be available to you, and we appologize for making you wait a little longer. 

One of the reasons why we have been staggering the release is to be able to address issues such as this. We hope that you understand the reasoning behind this delay and we expect to be able to release in the rest of Europe later in the week. 

We will keep you all updated as to when we expect this to occur. We do still expect to be fully released by September 22 as we originally stated.

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View the full article on battlegroundeurope.com

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glad to hear we aren’t rushing with such a big issue moving to an area that will be heavily effected.

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