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617Dambuster Recruitment NOW OPEN!!!

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S! Allies,

    AirSlayr88 here with a message to ALL...After much consideration with the recent Steam releases 617DB has been approved to recruit selectively. What does selective recruitment mean? Simply put it is not open for in-game auto recruitment, a recruiter must add you.


Who We ARE

     617 Dambusters was formed in 2004 by Charlie3 and Kizmet. Upon creation it was the first and only squad dedicated to the sustained strategic bombing of Axis RDP facilities. We have lead the WW2 Online community for years on the strategies and techniques of bombing and bomber defense. While we concentrate most of our efforts on bombing whether its CAS or RDP, we have many pilots who favor fighters and the thrill of defending squad-mates.

Learn more at



What We Do??

How to Join!

Want to join one of the most well known squads in WW2 Online? Feel you have what it takes to be called a Dambuster?

     Answer these questions and post them in our forums at Its free to join and your account will stay with you if accepted. *Be sure to create a post within the linked page or it may get overlooked.


  • GameName:
  • What role do you prefer in WW2 Online (Air Support, Tanker etc)?
  • What Country do you prefer?
  • Why do you want to be come a Dambuster?
  • Are you currently in a squad?


Once a recruiter sees your post we will conduct a short review, followed by a short chat in comms and give you a decision.




Don't want to change squads? Come join us when you hear the call "RDP Raid Forming!" in OPS channel!!


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