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Idea compilation for new UI work (picture)

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Interesting discussions have been raised the last weeks around the current UI, and its failure to make players understand the game mechanisms without reading 10-years-old wiki and squad guides.

If I make a compilation of some ideas, I would propose this kind of new welcome screen :


- (left) A complete game map overview with attack/defense objective highlighted and arrows showing the movements of units between towns

- (middle) A clear overview of attack and defense AOs, followed by non-AO related missions which I would call "support missions". Notice the "balance" indication of opposing forces.

- (right) A complete overview of missions having as target CPs related to the AO town. Notice the "population" indication about the division of friendly players currently involved in that AO. A filter allows extended searchs between mission. When clicking a mission, eventally zoom the left map to show the origin/target of the mission.

- (right down) A chat window showing the complete chat history of a selected mission, in order to evaluate the activity and to rapidly interact with the leader or other players involved in the mission.

- (upper left) two instant-action buttons refering to the current P1 objectives, and the most populated attack/defense mission of it (i.e. defense mission of defense AO, and attack mission of attack AO). Note that we should add a priority-parameter to AO's as it does currently not exist.





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W000tage :D good choice @XOOM @bmbm

this unlocks new possibilites

Maybe we could think of a Secundary tab (hidden by default and showing up on the right of the screen), that would offer an advanced mission follow-up containing: 

  • orders
  • members list with a few stats of them like unit type, rank, spawn time, K/D, mission duration...
  • (see original topic) a full permanent chat history of the mission, with the ability to interact on the mission chat without joining the mission first (maybe tagg such chatter as being « in ready room » to avoid confusion)
  • latest actions on that mission (ML change, FMS up/down, capture, member spawned/RTB/KIA/MIA with unit type...) and timer (« # minutes ago »)

like this:


if only the "current objectves" is selected in the left column, this secundary window could display global AO information instead, until you select a mission.

The advantages for coordination would be greater than the risk of spying.

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Unit selection @XOOM @bmbm

I would suggest a drastic simplification of the spawning process by allowing the player to chose its unit from the new main screen as illustrated bellow :




If a player opens the unit selection tab he has an overview of the whole weapon tree (per country or per side?).

notice :

  • the ceation of a separated tanker branch
  • the player's current ranks reminded for each branch on the selected side/country
  • a system that shows unis not available yet to that rank
  • the Tiers RDP converted to a "R&D" progression bar, much more comprehensive to common players
  • if you select a unit, a system allows you to highlight all missions on an objective where this unit is available and can be spawned (according to origin and supplies)

the purpose here is to offer a simple system for those willing to play a specific unit




Now, if the player selects any mission (whether the wanted unit is available for it or not), it updates the whole unit tree by adding extra information about available and attrited/depleted units on that specific mission.

Hence you can get a simple yet powerful visibility on supplies for each mission.




To be able to spawn (immediately withouth going through another mission window), the condition required is to select a mission where the unit you have chosen is available.

The instant action button is related to the selected unit from this screen as well.

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Neat. Do know though that the spawn selection is dependent on several factors beside what’s available - and rest assured that the number of clicks to spawn (and mission creation) has been drastically reduced. 

The wireframe is largely set and we have come a long way already with content - far more than Xoom have revealed. 

Our overriding concern, beyond a polished design, is simplicity, continuity and flow. I think you all will be pleasantly surprised.

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Please add a country flag to the mission list so we know the weapon set.  Sometimes there are multiple missions from different countries from A to B, and I may want to spawn a Sherman instead of a Churchill.  A flag for each mission would let me know quickly. 

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