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Interesting discussions have been raised the last weeks around the current UI, and its failure to make players understand the game mechanisms without reading 10-years-old wiki and squad guides.

If I make a compilation of some ideas, I would propose this kind of new welcome screen :


- (left) A complete game map overview with attack/defense objective highlighted and arrows showing the movements of units between towns

- (middle) A clear overview of attack and defense AOs, followed by non-AO related missions which I would call "support missions". Notice the "balance" indication of opposing forces.

- (right) A complete overview of missions having as target CPs related to the AO town. Notice the "population" indication about the division of friendly players currently involved in that AO. A filter allows extended searchs between mission. When clicking a mission, eventally zoom the left map to show the origin/target of the mission.

- (right down) A chat window showing the complete chat history of a selected mission, in order to evaluate the activity and to rapidly interact with the leader or other players involved in the mission.

- (upper left) two instant-action buttons refering to the current P1 objectives, and the most populated attack/defense mission of it (i.e. defense mission of defense AO, and attack mission of attack AO). Note that we should add a priority-parameter to AO's as it does currently not exist.





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