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In this game everyhting is about roleplay and communications. The mission leader has therefore a very critical role.

When leaving a mission on which we have been for more than 10 minutes, we should be asked to evaluate the leadership of the mission leader (note from 1 to 5).

The latest 50 evaluations given to a ML would provide a global note that could be attached to the ML in the battle/mission tab. With such a system players could favor MLs doing real management, or just be warned to not expect much leadership. It might also improve the roleplay part of leaders.

It would look like this :


Note that if a ML leaves or if the leadership is transfered, it should reset timers to 0 minutes. It is important to have spend more than 10 minutes with the current ML. The ML should take his role seriously until the accomplishment of the mission if he wants to be evaluated and attract more players on his future missions.

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I had posted this idea a while back...I will bump it ;)


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