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Bofors realistic update

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Hello BGE fanatics,

in the last month i read many ingame and on Discord about the aircraft damage model vs hits from a AA gun .

From my personal view, many of them are somethink inaccurate.


At first i play both here ingame,  fighter and bomberplane and sometimes the Bofors but i prefer the air game.


Often i read like this of example in the game chat.


"Wtf one single shot from a bofors my armored bomber is toast"

or this

"I hit the DB7 4-6x and he did not burn... then a answer from someone other... The DB7 was a strong armored plane"


Sometimes i fly with a Bf 109 then a bofors hit me 3x and i can fly save back and make RTB without a KIA.

Of course, mostly i crash after 1-2 hits, but we see, both side have plans that can life after multiple direct bofors hits.

As a bofors i have see it with my own eyes, that i have hit of example a DB7 with multiple hits and he can still fly back and make RBT.

(But the other true is, sometimes he burn after one single hit)


Know the quastion is that near realistic :confused: ?


From my view what i read in really much WW2 books and have see in TV Reports about the WW2 is that really unralistic.


Our Bofors we can play ingame use the rare ammunition that explode by contact. Mostly in WW2 both side use the much cheaper ammunition that explode from alone at this altitude that the bofors crew have set on the ground. Our AI AA guns use the cheaper ammunition, so you can see the black shrapnel clouds in the air if they fire.


From this hits, it is really possible that our plane can absorb some hits, because the rare armored of the plane can stop the small shrapnel from maybe 5-15m away.




If you read in books and see picture like this, where someone wrote this plane fly after some AA hits back to the airfield, that mean mostly no really direct hits.

In my WW2 Books i can read that a 40cm AA Bullet destroy a plane in near 60% if the bullet exlode in 5m away to his target with his shrapnel hits.


But our contact ammunition that we use ingame make in 90% this on aircraft with one single direct hit.

When a direct hit, the whole aircraft is sifts and nobody can tell me that a human can take so many damage.







The next think is, if you fly as a plane on 200m alt or 2,5k our player aa gun the Bofors make same Damage on you.

We must think here somethink different then the tank game on the ground, where tanks fire each other with AP ammunition and the penetration goes down when the target is far away.


For a contact ammunition It makes nearly no difference, because he explode direct by contact and do not penetration somethink.

So the damage is at last not real different if he explode direct by hit smethink on 200m or 2,5k.

The explosion is still the same at 200 or 2,5k alt.



The next think is the armored of the plane.

Of example, after many BF110 loses in the battle of britan the Luftwaffe upgrade the 110 C-4 with 9mm crew armor.

This 9mm armor is for a WW2 plane really great but 9mm vs a bofors hit is nothink.

WW2 aircraft are no tanks and they use only a real amor platte behind the pilot in a fighter plane but all other armour around the plane can never stop a direct bofors hit.

This amor only works vs shrapnel and AP maschine guns bullets because they lose his power of penetration. 



At least, it is simple in 90% of a Bofors hit you ingame you must die, if we want to play a realistic game.



It is possible that you can change it ingame, that the bofors make extra damage on plans?

It feels really bad arcade gaming, if you fly and life after many bofors hits.


And if all plans are destroy in around 90% of one hit, we have no more angry player they say, why i must hit the other so often with my AA gun and i die every time after one single hit.



Sorry for my bad english.




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sajuk, there is a major HE audit in progress by CRS.. It’s nearly done and, as Xoom mentioned in another post, is just about to go into QA testing. That should effect all HE in game. 

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bofors are deadly.  there are 2 planes that can withstand a hit from a bofors and still fly, thats the Havoc/DB-7 and the Stuka, and not so much the Stuka. alot of that is a not-so-complete damage model on the Havoc/DB7 .

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