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Looking for close support focused ground Squad

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I've held this game in quite high regard for the longest time, but have found little desire to play due to my own personal failing. Namely, lack of certainty on the proper course of action to pursue in the heat of combat. (I.E How do I approach a point? Is now the time to bolt for the CP? etc. etc.)

I'm currently looking for a squad whose method of play might ameliorate and mitigate this issue. What I am searching for is a squad that operates as a more traditional infantry or armour team might. With members in close vicinity of each other, providing supporting fire and intelligence.

I find myself quite satisfied running ammunition for mortars, driving multi-crew land vehicles, and operating machine guns.

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If you like to play allied try out 7th ast . We play everynight as a close squad based group . Just ask in chat for a 7th recruiter. Discord voice chat is must for the type of operations you are talking about.

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