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Idea for New Player's Complaints on Subscription

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I have been playing this game since 2001, I absolutely love this game and if I could become a builder I would. 

I do agree with the subscription, I have always enjoyed subscriptions as it is in my opinion a cheaper way to "buy" the game, it may add up over time but if I get my $15 worth of playing the game then I have no problem doing it again. I also hardly have the funds to be shelling out $60 for every new game or DLC that comes out and would much rather spend $15 a month to get full access as I can always opt out if I ever want to. Depending on what I feel like immersing myself, such as like flying some spaceships I will re-sub to my EVE account and go enjoy myself there. If I am in the mood for some FPS WWII action, I come here and play as I have yet to find a game that comes anywhere close to it. 

But enough of my ranting, let me get into my idea I had thought of when reading through the discussions on steam, as well as on here. 

There have been plenty of discussions in regards to the subscription, and how it should be done. Like I said I think that it is fair and I would much rather have that over you all releasing the game and then tagging on DLC's for each specific unit that can be used in the game and needing to purchase it or the game being F2P and filled with all kinds of micro transactions. There are plenty of games out there that do this, my example being Crusader Kings II or any game that is released by them for the most part. In order to even be able to enjoy the full game you have to shell out 100's of dollars for everything, and they just keep adding it on. iRacing being another example and also subscription based. Then there are games that are free, but in order for you to be even on par with everyone else, you need to purchase a good portion of those micro transactions. 

WHAT IF we changed what you get when you subscribe, keeping the same subscriptions that are around but modifying them a little. It may not be something that is possible with the framework that is in place, but might help with getting new subscribers, and the new players not feeling like they are being short changed with content. 

I personally would never buy the lower tier ones, as I like to be able to utilize all of the units that are in game, depending on what I feel like doing in that particular instance. 

SO rather than limiting what equipment they are able to use, what if we limited the amount of times that they can use the equipment. ANY equipment so long as they are subscribed with one of the tiers that are available (Starter vs Premium).

If you are apart of the Starter Subscription, you can get access to all equipment, but are limited to the amount of times you can spawn in that equipment in a given amount of time. IE: You can spawn a Panzer IV once (when you achieve the rank) and if you are KIA/MIA/RES you must wait a certain amount of time (maybe when supply comes back into the brigade) before you are able to spawn in another one. This allows players to still be able to enjoy all the content that is available, but may have to wait a certain amount of time before they can spawn in another, and CRS still gets paid, being able to further develop the game. 

What is listed in the Starter Subscriber DLC page being what they can spawn in unlimited amounts and everything else being a limited amount of times they can spawn in a given time frame once they achieve the required rank. 

Then obviously being a premium subscriber, you do not have a limit to the amount of times that you can spawn in equipment, basically how it is now. 

I see on a consistent basis that when we are attacking or defending a town, you will see an endless supply of tanks get wasted, the other night we were defending a town, and I saw some of the same people just spawning in a tank, driving it out of the AB about 2ft then getting destroyed by a Tank/ATG who is camping the AB. Despawn, and then do it all over again. Then we have no tanks to spawn, and we more than likely lose the town. I do not think this would change with what I stated above, as most of those items anyone can use but thought I would mention it. 

I also see a lot of new players who want to fly, but are limited to the T0 fighter that at later points in the game is just not fun to fly, as you get beat out by everything else. So possibly when they achieve the necessary rank they can fly one of those higher tiered planes but if they do end up KIA, must wait before they can fly another one gain. 

So to sum it all up, I think a better direction of subscription at least with the newer players or starter subscription that we should not limit the equipment/content of the game, but limit the amount of times they can enjoy that content. If I had never played this game and was coming in, I personally would go straight for the premium as I do not like being limited in what I can use. But if it was this way I may have started like that and when I finally progressed through the ranks and got my first taste of driving the highest tier tank and dying in a blaze of glory, I would more than likely upgrade my subscription so I can spawn that tank again and die in another blaze of glory without needing to wait the certain amount of time. 

Thank you all for reading my thoughts in regards to this, and a BIG thank you to CRS for keeping this game going as it is one of my favorite childhood memories. The experiences I had during those early days and even now do not top any other game that I have played. 



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This is not a bad idea, the biggest problem with it is that the game itself was never coded to handle such a concept.
It would take a good deal of rewriting the core game to give it a system of doing that.

As i understand it, just doing the free play, starter, and premium distinctions was quite difficult.

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That is what I had thought, but out of all the ideas that I have seen in regards to the subscription model and ways to change it, I think this would be the best route to go without hindering much aspects of the game. (IE: Faster Ranks, etc)

This is comparing apples to oranges, but in regards to EVE online and their Free To Play Aspect, yes some of the ships are locked behind the subscription. But for the most part you can still go out and enjoy most aspects of the game. Also with enough work, albeit ALOT of work you can possibly make that account into a "subscription" and enjoy all ships in the game. 

With that said, even with a subscription you need enough money to be able to buy that big ol ship, and then when it goes bang and you do not have enough money to replace it, you are back to getting enough money so you can afford it. Same idea kind of applies here, but instead needing to achieve that certain rank, and whenever said equipment goes boom you just need to wait a certain amount of time before you can try it again. 

Obviously not much can be done to make it so a Free to Play Account here can become a subscription based with enough work put into it, but at least they may be able to get a taste of what comes with the subscription after achieving a certain rank. 

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Basically a ticket system

Like You get X tickets per 24 hours, depending on subscription level, and can spend them on whatever you want kind of.

free play gets unlimited tickets for things tagged free_class
bolt rifle, smg, truck, airborne rifle, rat chosen free_bonus weapon
And gets say 5 tickets to spend on spawning any other item

Starter would get unlimited tickets on free_class
And unlimited tickets on items labeled starter_class and the starter_bonus weapon
and 15 tickets to spend on anything else

Premium subscription would simply get unlimited tickets for all classes

And i suppose you could sell ticket packs, if that worked out well

But again, understand that the game, at it's core, was never written to do such a thing.
Most games that work like that are either written from the beginning like that, or have to go through a heavy rewrite to support it.

Ours would need a heavy rewrite, game, billing systems, subscription system, player database etc.
That is a lot of work, means all our devs except maybe the art guys have to be all hands on doing just that, no game fixes, no new units, no gameplay improvements etc.
I do not think the game is at a point currently where they can step away from working on those things long enough to do that rewrite without losing too much of the funding playerbase.

Maybe it is something they could consider when they have gotten the game to that magical point where everyone agrees yea we can play with this for the next 9 months
while you do a core systems rewrite.


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