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What pc would be better for this game:

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I currently have this one, which play the game just ok:

Window 7 home premium

AMD Athlon II x 4 635 processor 2.90 ghz

6.0 gb ram

64 bit os

AMD Radeon HD 6600 series


I can buy one for about $400 to $450 with:

Windows 10 Professional Premium 64 Bit Installed
Intel Core i7-3770 Quad Core@3,40Ghz CPU
16GB RAM, 1TB Hard Drive
Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Graphics Card


Which one would be better?  I could also swap things out if need be.  

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I'd go ahead with the buy if it's not a hardship.

The i7 is going to do somewhat better then the Athlon overclock, but likely won't translate into a big FPS win, marginal, maybe 5%.  Should see better FPS against what you have with either approach.

The main reason to do it is get on Win10 Pro and plenty of RAM and future proof your machine for other things you run.


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I went ahead and got the new (used) pc.  The video card was dead so I installed an older one I had laying around. I then played this game on the very highest settings, everything maxed out, and was getting a good at the least 15+ increase in frames.  That's significant, considering in large battles on my older machine I was getting like 15-20 fps on just performance settings.  And this was with the older video card.  The guy I bought this from is going to give me a card of comparable value and performance, so I will see how much more that helps too.  The kicker?  For whatever reason, there was a program on behind the scenes that was recording my game play.  After I turned the game off I was able to watch what I just did. Didn't even notice it.  So if I turn that off, I am certain to get even better performance, right?

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