Bonghunter, Godblesseu, Galiani and Fanzac Recognized

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On Nov 4, allies were rolling town by town. 

2-3 defenders and thousands of enemies on every AO. No way to hold depots, spawns, fbs or anything.

In these dark hours, a few ones stepped up, took the bulk of the hard task and started working imposible missions.

Bonghunter was active on every spawn on every DO. unfatigable, always reacting and killing many enemies.

Godblesseu said NO to the odds and was the only one setting fms to our poor AOs, gathering players, leading them to the enemy territory and puting allies on defense despite the situation.

Galiani was the only LW that took off to cover our troops from enemy air, the most active motivating and in the fire of every battle.

Fanzac never gave up, and tried to help on many setups and defense and fbs defenses. He went volunteer when the entire north was about to collapse and with great leadership took the baarle fb to breda which allowed the axis to take baarle back and cover somehow the north part.

All of them kept playing. Many vets logged in and logged out in fear. God may help the axis sending more great guys like Bonghunter, Godblesseu, Galiani and Fanzac!

For their presence, bravery and support to the OKW, they are rewarded with

Merit Star


GJ gentlemen!

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This is godblesseu's forum account, just want to say I'm appreciated you recognized our effort, and good job on keeping up the Axis morale up!


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