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Special campaign/intermission for next reset

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Good day all,

Thought I'd start a new topic to discuss the option of a special campaign/intermission for the next reset, which will be campaign 150 I guess eh. I've never been online for any of them in the past, but as someone who has followed WW2OL for years, I think there is a lot of potential here.

Personally, I'd like to see an "Operation Sealion" mini-campaign with only 1940s gear. If that doesn't interest enough people I believe early D-Day (1943) campaign could also be done, with all tech starting at max level. Order of Battle for each side would have to be discussed and changed for the campaigns but I think you could do a reasonably historical set up with what we have available. Between the two I believe that a hypothetical Operation Sealion would be the best given the time period of most of WW2OLs equipment, plus it would give players a chance to fight around an area of the map that is not often seen.

As a closing point, I also think that a special event centered around Operation Jubilee (Dieppe Raid) could be very well simulated within the limits of the engine. For that, I envision a limited spawn game with carefully defined objectives in order to foster teamwork and careful play, yet due to the limited area involved the battle would still be very intense for those looking for a focused battle.  




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