Why did squads dwindle, and how can we fix the problem?

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16 hours ago, saronin said:

No offense, but without specific details this sounds like a "this one time at band camp" story.  In my experience 3PZG made up most of the HC online when they were on anyway and so were calling the shots by default.  I don't buy into the whole HC versus the squads thing.  Rather, I think the crappy game dynamics that TOEs presented and still present were/are more responsible for the loss of players as a whole.  People signed up for a first person shooter game, not a sit in a CP and cap it with no opposition game.

Yah, I don't remember in my time with the 3rd plz a revolt and log. I do remember a few times dinker  having his AOs cancelled by other higher ranking HC After we spent time setting up and we went ahead and picked a fight with no AO. Then refuse to participate with certain HC on AOs. Dinker was HC, and GHC had a lot of in fighting, personality conflicts etc. Usually the 3rd plz had the ranking HC on but not always. Dinker would throw his weight around with uncooperative HC. we would just go do our own thing. I was not there at the end, I had been kicked out for playing allied one map mb 6 months before dinker left. I think swiftcut who was also a natural leader in the 3rd pz left a year later and that pretty much was the end of 3rd pz. So it is possible that dinker might have logged in protest, he had left HC and was getting more irritated on TS well before I left the squad.

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On ‎12‎/‎01‎/‎2018 at 9:30 AM, bmbm said:

Fidd: Thanks for the clarification. The thing that makes it onerous is the variety and exclusion of marks. I think you have to make amends for inevitable mission creep and cooperation between sub-missions, and the need for overall situational awareness. Ideally, the mission selection window would include a better overview of the objective with more descriptive information of the sub-missions. Today at any given objective you see tons of missions but the only content indication you get beside the spawnpoint is the ML name, activity bar and MS marker. If these missions were also portrayed graphically and with a headline, both in a list and on the objective map, you'd make a more informed choice. 


Spontin (AO)
KG Anton - Center screen - Infantry, Pak and Sdkfz 251 only - ML name - activity - MS 
--- KG Cesar - Left flank - Infantry and Sdkfz 251 only - ML name - activity - MS 
--- KG Dora - Flak - AA, Sdkfz 7, infantry - ML name - activity - MS 
--- KG Friedrich - Right flank - Flak 36, Sdkfz 7, Sdkfz 232 - ML name - activity - MS 
KG Berta - Panzer centre - any panzer - ML name - activity - MS 
--- KG Gustav - Panzer interdiction - PzIIIF - ML name - activity - MS

That works for me. Although, I wanted to avoid presenting players with too much information. It should be enough for most players to see what their ML wants them to achieve and where friendlies are. If a player becomes and ML then he should see what the OIC wants achieved, and where he wants xyz. I wanted to give squads more functionality in this regard.

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On ‎12‎/‎01‎/‎2018 at 10:33 PM, Pittpete said:

"Squads are and will always be the backbone of this game."

....with every vertebra fused solid, inflexible and [censored] all use as a spine

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