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Discord frequently going silent

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I would say during the past week i have just started noticing this issue. What happens is i connect to our squad channel and everything works fine. Maybe 5 minutes later i stop hearing others talk. I dont believe they can hear me either. Discord UI shows me as connected. At this point i disconnect from channel and reconnect. It will do the same thong yet again in another 5 to 10 minutes.


A couple things...


I have tried checking the "Use legacy" setting but it mafe no difference.

The QoS setting in discord is turned on.

I am running the app as administrator

I have "Push to Talk" enabled.


The only change i have noted is that i did recently get a new router. Unclear if it is related but the timing kinda matches. On the router i was gonna tinker with QoS for discord but i do not believe that should matter because the packets already being marked appropriately on the app side.

Any thoughts?

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Hi and good morning.  I also noticed last night no one could hear me and I couldn't hear them.  I restarted discord and no problems.  Not sure what the problem is.  This sounds like a problem with the Discord servers.  I don't have access to them.  

Try this Link or if that gets you no where ,

Go to this Link and

Submit a support ticket there.

Good luck


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