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Simple needs to improve ingame interaction

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1. Improving the visual name tags ingame :

  • Add a flag illustrating player's nationality. This may help team-up or understand why some don't answer to english instructions. Especially with the upcoming integrated voicecomms.
  • Add the actual rank number. Help players identify younger/older players more quickly.
  • switch infos between unit type and squad : unit type should be displayed by default beyond players' tag, while ctrl+y should toggle squad names. It becomes easier to stick to the right unit or to call for ammo.



2. Improving ingame map information

  • Allow to toggle ON/OFF the display of player's names/unit types/squads on map .
  • Right-clicking unit : display more player info and allow pre-set messages that will be translated in regional languages (see 1st screenshot bellow)








3. Improving map icons

  • !!! Let MLs and OIC on a target see all missions' icons. They MUST see FMS/UMS and attack/defend objectives from other missions to allow global coordination. With the new HC this becomes a must-have.
  • Specify what fire support is needed : smoke vs HE (vs WP?)



4. Add official community chat-channels

  • French, German, Italian, Russian... will group up more easily, hence have a better experience of the project. Should have been there since 2001.
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1. I'm okay with it if it can be filtered off, because sometimes the screen names are already a pain.

2. See above. Also some quick commands that get auto-translated would be nice. Reminds me of the quick commands in Tribes Ascend.

3. If I understand correctly, this is a deep-set thing. Also, improving the marking system would be nice.

4. This can be done in-game without it being official. Get a group of people together and tune to radio channel "FR" or something (I think you can do more than just numbers) for French. Not sure how you would handle this, because the game default would be English. I guess just another radio tab for alternative languages that doesn't get used if the player speaks English?

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Some great ideas....YET, what is really needed is a better UI for Mission Prep that allows Mission Leaders to prepare his team for the combat situation. It does no good to know you have an LMG or ATG nearby if there is no coordination. This is a must have to develop leadership and squad formation that leads to active memberships. Currently, missions operate like herding cats.

Ready Room - A place where the mission leader can assemble the team before spawning:

- Brief the mission purpose.

- Get mission members familiars with the terrain,  possible cover, AI placements, other threats, etc..

- Review the experience levels of his team.

- Assign objectives.

- Assign Ordnance.

-Assign communication channels.

- Communicate contingencies and rally points once the mission has been accomplished or compromised.


Another Huge map improvement would be to let mission members remove old map icons. Every time a tank rolls by it looks like a platoon of tanks on the map. Mission members could color code Enemy icons when they have been killed so that other mission members are still aware of a threat in that area, but aren't lured on wild goose chases.




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