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World War II Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter based in Western Europe between 1939 and 1943. Through land, sea, and air combat using a ultra-realistic game engine, combined with a strategic layer, in the largest game world ever created - We offer the best WWII simulation experience around.


Wall of the Henning Dynasty

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5 hours ago, daywalkr said:

That wall is awesome, how long did it take to build? The timers between bunker builds is pretty long IMO.

The one I built as Ciney took over 8 to 10 hrs with 3 people was almost 4km long. On average depending what town and where I build it takes about 4 hours by my self to build one.

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14 hours ago, gt3076r said:

this is a squad/throwaway account I've been given access to (thanks to no registration email coming through for new account creation. Is that a thing?)

Submit a help ticket HERE

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18 hours ago, Ce said:

Challenge?? Rolling 60 tanks was and never will be an easy task. That column and set up took over an hour of planning and co ordination between 7-8 squads, HC and playerbase. Driving tanks from HQ to brigade to over supply, having brigades available to move through, having squad leaders assemble their numbers and work in conjunction with all squads on TS and 33, multiple trucks for MSPs, ATG lines, hot drop on CPs with trucks loaded with SMGs for multi simultaneous CP capture, bunker teams, Panhard scouts, infantry scouts, Air support, AB Air quake etc etc. Always more behind it than just a horde of tanks. Most of my Ops and AOs were set up that way. The tanks was just a bad [censored] sight. 


Ive seen insane things in this game that I doubt some of the new peeps haven’t. Like 100 plus paras on Ciney, 20-25 Havocs on Tienen, 5 beddys filled with 20-30 infantry on board hot dropping Andenne. This stuff was all planned and organized. I get more satisfaction out of that than anything else. 

Again, I’m not taking away the creativity or judging anyone with what they do with their game time. I just don’t like the idea. 

Oh I know what it takes, I organized a huge 111 raid with fighter support with all the German players . I'm not taking away from the organization skill and the patience. I know hrs or even a whole day goes into it.

But the difference is organizing something like that on a Town you know like the back of your hand to set up and then just blow everything up , and all of a sudden run into a road block like the Wall , you run into a road block like that that is where leadership all of a sudden really shines , taking it down and then advancing is a sight to see . 

Don't miss understand me , good leaders are needed in game , stuff like your Video is needed in game , cause that is how we hook new players in a heart beat instead of them running around like a lost puppy just to see them log and never return. 

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On 3/24/2018 at 0:47 PM, imded said:


OK CRS. I thought building things of this nature was VERBOTEN! I remember one time a bunch of bunkers and stuff were built near a FB and that it was said this is a NOGO and you would be bounced.


SO CRS we need a ruling on this please.


Personally I had fun picking off the EI that was defending the wall. Got many kills that day.



The problem is when someone rolls up to an enemy FB and encases their spawn/rollout area then sits back and preps a camp for forces that cant get out of the FB area.


These walls are out in the play area, are destroyable, the larger they are the easier an undefended point will allow  blowing/ bombing, and breaching and flanking defenders then using their wall against them is all fair play.

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