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CRS launched the patreon page to help fund forward development of WWII vs the operating budget. I went to the Patreon page today and I have some questions. 

1. What is this snazzy badge supposed to look like on my uniform if I sign up?

2. Can F2P accounts participate in Patreon?

3. Are these funds to be a different pot of money than the builder program and if so how?

4. Should the builder program be moved to the Patreon page? Would that give the community more flexibility to contribute to the builder program? 

5. Can I designate my funds towards areas of the game I feel most important? Like marketing, or developing a plane or tank? Maybe even the ultra secret WWII online 2.0 folks?

6. 7 people were signed up out of the requested 400. Is any one else planning on joining?

7. Can I make a one time donation toward development in addition to recurring donations?

some of this may have been answered in the fireside. I wasn't able to make it and no audio seems to be available. 

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