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Returning Vet Check-In

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We've now provided the upcoming "Reserve" account access to all WWII Online subscribers, so that you'll always be able to chat on the forums and access the game as a Rifleman.

Be sure to check in and say hello! We'd love to hear from ya!

Let us know if we can provide any support. S! 


Please be sure to read about how WWII Online is changing its product offerings in the near future:


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Hey fellas, great to see you! For anyone else coming here, do note that the Rifleman only will be imposed on the 1st. Enjoy the other access you have on the house meanwhile.

REALLY glad to see you guys chiming in, we are doing this very intentionally to see you come back and participate with us. WOOT!

Tell us your story :) 

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3 minutes ago, tanaka said:


Did we must download WWIIO from steam or from website to have the reserve access ?

Your account here belongs to the main WWIIOL hub that we call "organic channel" which means not Steam. So your account isn't transferrable over there.

Go get the game off the website at http://www.wwiionline.com/join , latest download should be there. S! 

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Good move XOOM. I've always felt that veteran status accounts should receive premium forum access, despite having subscription.

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2 hours ago, pirate07 said:

Been meaning to check out the changes.  I'll download and give the rifle a spin for old times sake.


1 hour ago, zwitek said:

Been a bit of time that’s gone by.  Will load it up and give it a go.  

Sounds great guys, thanks for report in! Keep it up and engage in the discussion, WWII Online is making big strides in the development department, we hope you've been keeping up http://www.wwiionline.com/news 

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Verdoso here, spend quite some some time with the 1st Spanish Company and I still have a "I killed a Rat" t-shirt :D

 I had to login as fverdoso because the password reminder still does not work for me. Glad to see you guys still going on.

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Looking to check out the game again! Little bummed with the price hike or only options to commit for a year. 

Let's see how it Pans out


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Hey Xoom - Top of mind: include in your post a link to a page w/specific info? or include more text?
There's a nice slab in the EMail notification, for example.
But even in this ... if I wanted to Subscribe right this moment, what page would I head to?

Addendum: I hit the most obvious links and looked at the most obvious pages and found nothing related to this.
Oh, wait ... on https://account.wwiionline.com/account/subscription I see "Free Play" and a nice little "Active" icon. That means I'm in as Rifleman?

p.s. I did "combat arms" as infantry reserves. so kinda neat to come in as "just a grunt"!


We have some great news for all of our Premium users, past and present. We've set in motion that ALL players who have had a premium subscription at any point in the history of WWII Online will receive access to a RIFLEMAN only account that we'll be referring to as the "Reserve Account." You should have access to this now, even if you're not currently subscribed!


  • $0.00 Cost

  • You may subscribe at any time

  • If you are currently inactive, you'll be able to: 

    • Play in-game as a rifleman

    • Participate in the "open" section of our forums

    • Participate in server events (Campaign and Training)

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