Infantry Keymapper Changes Incoming

One of the big things coming down the pipeline to improve the new users game experience is modifying the "default keymapper," so that we are more in-line with the modern FPS market. Our keys for WWII Online are specific to us for the most part but is pretty offsetting for the majority of new users coming in. So these changes are basic but very important. If you have a modified keymapper, it should hold, at least until you re-install the game. But you can edit the keys however you wish. Sending this out for you guys to see what's coming. FUNCTION CURRENT KEY NEW KEY Jump on / off vehicle J F Select Weapon 10 (Binos) 0 B Crouch F L CTRL Prone V Z Deploy B C Toggle Free Look N L ALT   UI Text Changed (for Infantry Only)   CURRENT NEW Select Weapon 10 Use Binoculars Deploy Deploy Weapon Use weapon Fire Weapon Gunsight\Alt Deploy Aim / Alt Deploy Weapon
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