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      NEW Career Subscriptions now available   06/08/2019

      The all new highly anticipated / requested "Career Based Subscriptions" are available through www.WWIIONLINE.com/account only, starting at $9.99! There are three new subscriptions being added; 1) All Infantry at $9.99/mo, 2) All Air Forces at $9.99/mo, 3) All Ground Forces (Army Persona) at $12.99/mo. Continue reading to learn more and get back into the fight now! View the full article on battlegroundeurope.com
    • CHIMM

      18th Anniversary Event Awards!   06/23/2019

      This year we are giving out trophies and awards for the top players during the "Kill a RAT" event! We need the following players to contact @CHIMM at chimm@corneredrats.com with your physical address to mail these out.   @mook2  @dasei88  @c00per  @kardehk  @chau90  @kdped02  @Simcha  @pulfer  @bus0    
    • HEAVY265

      Looking for you to step up!   06/26/2019

      We are looking for a new Lead Forum Mod.  Please send or inquiries and reasons why you would make a great Lead Mod.  Please read below for the job description.    Cornered Rat Software Volunteer Opportunity       Forum Moderator Team Leader The Forum Moderator Team Leader plays an integral role in maintaining a forum friendly zone. This position is also tasked with ensuring strong upkeep of the MOD Team. This includes but is not limited to, appropriate manpower levels in all time zones, training, information security, data / intel collection, and much more.       The Forum Moderator Team Leader reports to the Community Manager directly with pertinent intel and other matters deemed as a priority. Duties ·         Maintain MOD manpower levels ·         Maintain active MOD Roster w/e-mail list ·         Actively seek MOD's for recruitment ·         Train Forum Moderator's ·         Review forum TOS's (E-mails) ·         Personnel management of all MOD's ·         Upkeep of MOD materials ·         Distribution of MOD materials ·         Team Status report on the 1st and 15th of every month ·         Progressively improve MOD Team & Atmosphere Compensation ·         No monetary compensation - volunteer position 60 Day Performance Evaluation A 60 day performance evaluation will be conducted. Account compensation may be discussed during this time. This will be a thorough review of your performance from the first day you are the active Game Moderator Team Leader up to that point. RAT Status This is a CRS volunteer position.  All though not a RAT position, still a Lead position in the forums. Training on newly established tools will be assigned by one of the Assistant Game Manager's. Collaborating with Volunteers It's important not to step on anyone's toes. For our volunteers you must be delicate in your presentation and appearance, but you mustn't be a push over type.       Rat Volunteers: AGM Team, Community Leaders, Recruitment Officer, VOIP Admin, Special Events Lead, GM Lead etc, you can be a little bit more down to earth with. They see the things you do an often experience the same. Any sensitive information should not be divulged without CM consent, unless it is publicized / broadcasted to the general public. Building Relationships When you build relationships, you're opening the door for customers or fellow volunteers to interact with you. It is important to prioritize your success around the relationships you need to build. This gives you access to people who are not afraid to approach you with problems, concerns, game manipulators, or other pertinent information you may not otherwise be able to gather. Your actions while in uniform Reflect everyone who has ever been a CRS Volunteer, and especially those wearing the tag right now. Hold your actions to a very high standard, and be as professional, helpful and polite as you possibly can. Remember when you're communicating with the players you are representing the entire company and its decision for personnel hiring. Working with Community Management You are a part of the Community Management team, the CM Team (for short) consists of all the volunteer programs, which report to Community Manager. Together this is the driving force holding and pushing the community forward. Disagree Privately As with any team it is important to disagree privately. The constant microscope CRS personnel and their volunteers are under at all times is quite overwhelming. It is expected for disagreements to take place, and in some cases it is healthy to get different perspectives. However, we do not want to throw each other under the bus for that microscope to turn into a big crowd pointing.                  
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