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Frame rates are highly variable within the game world due to two main things 

where you are (including what you're looking at and whether you're in the air or on the surface) 

how many other players are around you (including what all they are doing - dropping bombs, shooting, making things go Pew Pew! and Boom Boom!


Some places are going to affect your frame rates more than others

Your frame rates in Antwerp will not necessarily be the same as they are in Sedan.


Some events are going to affect your frame rates

Your frame rates in an All-Or-Nothing huge fight in Bertrix will not be the same as a 5 man sniper/counter-sniper fight in Bertrix.


Eliminating the Competition

Disable as many applications as possible.

Do a thorough security and malware scan

Game Preferences

Go to Settings and select Best Performance.

That will change a lot of settings,so double check a few before saving the change.

Under Video -> Infantry, set Level of Detail as low as it will go.

Set shadow presets to low

Under radial clutter ->set density to min and radius to near

Under connection, set Visible Player Limit to Low.

Drop the number of Corpses and Duration to the minimum on those sliders.


Also note

CPU speed is king in this game

The higher the resolution, the more GPU power is needed

Make sure all drivers for your system and Operating System are updated

Defragment your hard drive on a regular basis



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