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Victory Conditions

Changing Victory Conditions to include this option at a later date.   2 members have voted

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I think it would be a good idea in some time once we are able to really use the capitals (Paris, London, Berlin, etc.). To force the other side to capitulate once the capital is captured. This wouldn't be the only option for victory be an option there could and should be multiple ways to achieve victory. Say for instance Paris is captured all french troops would surrender and the Allies would be left with the British and Americans as London would still be left.

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I would highly suspect that as the populated map begins to grow, and capture of places like berlin and london and paris and milan etc become viable
and the map pushes to the theater boundaries, conditions will have to adapt, though in france you may need to park a panzer in the front door of Versailles
it is the palace after all :) 

I am not sure if you want to call it a defeat upon losing the capital though?
At least not once the map is fully fleshed?
Berlin, granted is at the far eastern edges of the theater, but you get to Paris and you still have lots of lovely territory west as far as Brest
And London does not begin to dent England, Scotland and Ireland, and of course Berlin could always be beelined, leaving most of axis territory axis.

Might need to think up some other kind of result for the capture of a capital city, some kind of bonus for the captor maybe?

Definitely would like to see parts of a faction be able to fall, with the remaining parts carrying on to the end.

We got roughly about this much area to play with

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