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Proof from the year 2000

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6 hours ago, Nick said:

I know that you have a great passion for this game, as do many of us but why do you feel that you know better than Xoom and the rest of the senior CRS members, they all want what's best for the game, they all want more players.

They do indeed listen to everyone's ideas and opinions (not just those that are currently playing) but no changes are made unless that group of CRS members agree that it's a good move. They don't listen to a couple of loud people on the forum and just change things willy nilly,  ideas are brought up and discussed in great detail before anything changes.

Everything CRS does is in their opinion the best course for the game, it may not be the same course that you would take but that doesn't make it wrong.

You will probably disregard everything I've just written but I felt I needed to say it anyway.


As close as I can tell, CRS doesn't count posts for X or against Y in the forums, and decide what to do based on those counts. Not at all.

They do read forum posts, to catch those instances when one of us comes up with a novel idea that might work.

But, post counts for and against someone's posted idea mean nothing. CRS decides how to evolve the game design based on a planning process that takes into account inputs that we players don't have access to...costs of development, financial timelines, resource scheduling and so forth.

The community data that is of most importance is CRS survey results. We don't have access to that data, either. 

CRS has said in the past that it's pretty much normal for forum participants to be 100% confident in saying what a majority of the current-and-potential community obviously wants, that would cause them to subscribe or re-subscribe; but nonetheless to be off base from what survey data indicates the community actually wants.

CRS's strategic vision of what the game is and will be, relative to its competitors, has a much longer timeline than most forum posters. Proposals to dramatically change the development direction are less likely to be adopted simply because where the game is at any given time is partway toward implementation of plans and resource commitments that were put in place, in most cases, a year or more ago. 

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I refer to 

And to say the game is on the down swing is a misconception, CRS has accomplished more in the last year than they have in the last five years. This includes new content, bug fixes, a robust patching schedule, adjustments to game mechanics to help balance population (Overpop vs Underpop) opening new ways to play the game to get new players in here not just returning Vets. 

Population has been up on average since the DLCs have been introduced. We are working to retain that and continue to grow. 

To say CRS has done nothing to help promote squads is plain wrong.. We held a CRS Squad Rat chat for both sides, to find out how CRS can assist in growing these squads and have worked to impliment some of those ideas.

Advertising has gone up, I have seen more ads on Instagram and Facebook this month than ever before. We are also working to show the gameplay to those thru Streaming of our marketing team, which has brought in new players.


Player placed AOs  is something being looked at for 1.36 but maybe not in the way described in these forums. Every decision as stated by NickM is discussed by the leadership team and then open for more commentary from the various Non-CRS volunteers who put so much time into the development of this game. 

This is one of the most interactive communities between Developer and Community. Hell would you rather have EA, or Sony or DICE run this and just not hear anything from them except hey maybe we will do this in COD23 or Sony who ruined a great game in SWG by breaking cannon and allowing everyone to be a Jedi when there were no known Jedi, or even further when they took the 33 professions and moved them to six basically killing the non Combat part of the MMO? Or Dice who had a nice idea with the Division but reacted like a schizophrenic on crack?


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18 hours ago, XOOM said:

We need to be working as a team. Staying united and working together is the only way we're going to progress. 

 we recognize we need to do something bold.

Xoom if only other players would understand this like you do.


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