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20mm zoom levels

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I will make this quick and simple...why do the allies get 2 zoom levels on their 20mm and the Axis dont ?? 2 zoom levels would be amazing 

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What were the historical differences in their optics? The German one looks just like a illuminated glass with no magnification. I can’t play alludes so I don’t know what theirs has.

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3 hours ago, OLDZEKE said:

Flak30 no zoom = ca mle 1st zoom

Flak30 zoom is slightly more than ca mle 2nd zoom

in case it gets asked next
flak30's sight
So he just flat out starts in zoom level 1.

The Hotchkiss has something like this

He kind of has to find the sight i guess you could say?
(cant find a smiling brit or french guys pic firing one)


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