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91st Training Guide updated to v 1.12

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The 91st Basic Training Guide is updated to version 1.12.   

- Note for VETS:  the new version includes the NEW KEY COMMANDS - the new keys are underlined in section 1.5

-( Also, note if you open the link and see an older version instead of the Guide, instead of the latest version (1.12), try refreshing/reloading the webpage in your browser).

Here is the link to the Training Guide:   http://www.wwiionline.net/91st_Basic.pdf


LIST OF CHANGES in  v 1.12:

Section 1.2  - Updated the Discord Link to use the CRS Webpage for Discord (www.wwiionline.com/discord), instead of the direct Discord Server links (which change over time).

Section 1.5 – Added the new keyboard commands (L-Alt, L-Ctl, Z, C, B, F) – the new keys are underlined

Section 1.6 – Updated info on how to destroy a FMS

Section 1.7 – Update EWS range for trucks (700m) and other units

Section 2.2 – Added chat commands:  .j <playername>, $targ, $origin, .conv, .factories

Several other small edits made to text of the guide for clarity.

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The 91st auto-recruits new players, informs them to get on Discord or be auto-pruned in a week and gives them this document

Talking to most recruits is usually like talking to a cat but we've had great success with this system in getting new players over the initial hurdle of comms and moves

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This is an outstanding quick start guide, usable by the Allies too for the most part. Good job S! 

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