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For anyone who is having calibration troubles with their joystick.
Usually happens when you are using an older generation stick in windows 10
You move the throttle, and it only moves half of it's travel in game, or you calibrate your stick and it still is not centered, or windows just wont do the deadzone properly, etc.

This app was originally by Team Wingman for logitech sticks but works with any joystick.
It shows you what the stick is physically doing, and what directX is translating it as, and lets you adjust the axis so that the 2 are in agreement.
It also allows setting the deadzones properly, but since windows10 does not save deadzone calibration, you want to save a profile
and run DXTweak and load the profile, and leave it run in the background while gaming.

Thought i would share this, as the app is getting hard to find, it's been many many years since it was written.
This does not allow you to reprogram buttons etc, only get your axis properly calibrated so that windows does exactly what the hardware is doing. .exe?dl=0

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