I am making a list of current "active" Squads so that they can be included in planning and execution of in-game strategy when they are on. For the past three weeks, everyday that I have been on, at different times of the day, I have asked if there are any Squads on, and to date I have not received a single reply. This is strange in the fact that when I log on there are always Squad recruiters on, but I still get no reply. So I am asking here, now, today, to have all "Active" Squads post to this thread with the following information. 1. Name of Squad 2. Names of Leaders (CO and Exec) 3. Number of members that are active in the Squad 4. If you have a Squad night, and if so, what day and what time is the Squad night 5. What your Squad's choice of mode is... i.e. Infantry, Armor, Air Force or Navy 6. What does your Squad members enjoy doing the most. ( Some like to blow FB's, others like to run Armor, etc.) 7. Will your Squad want to be more involved in Operational Planning and Execution of those Plans. 8. Any Awards that you would like AHC to issue to your Squad members for their performance and Teamwork or Leadership abilities.   When I get this information, I will share it with CRS and the rest of AHC so that we can involve you more in daily operations.   I will await your replies... 
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