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The implementation of a scout (reconnaissance) profession

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A little revised variant of a post, what i previously deleted. 

At first i guess, the Scout need to have at least sergeant rank. Also he may be a profession in some different branches. A infantry scout, a navy scout, a pilot scout, a paratrooper-scout, maybe even more.

In my vision his loadout (if he acts alone) might look so (exception for the pilot-scout) - a dagger (a little more lethal than a knife and maybe with possibility to kill AI too, though this need other AI). Pistol and its ammo. Some different grenades. Submachine gun and ammo. Yes, a submachine gun as their main weapon. They don't need to fight at long distances. Even more, they need to hide and try to avoid to be noticed. Also the rifle, as a more bulky weapon, will detain the scout, when he overcome obstacles and crawling. 
And as self-defense weapon in an emergency, SMG is superior. And this will be not against history too.

But, if he is not alone, and there will be a group of scouts (even a mission with some target), then will be good to have possibility for different loadouts (maybe one carbine or a sniper rifle per 4-5 men, explosives, time bomb, a small inflatable boat, suitable for carrying by one person, a wire cutter, a mine detector, light vehicles etc etc.)
Of course, then is needed also a lobby, to form such missions.

What kind of missions the scouts can perform? In my previous topics i gave some examples, as the photographing of some objects, to give a data to HC. Or searching important objects etc. Before implementing them is very difficult to bet.
About marking of important objects. (Again with exception of pilot-scout, which work will be different and need different approach) . 
Many of us remember old times, when the marks was need approving by mission leader. If similar nightmare we don't want to repeat, then we need to avoid situation, when other soldiers can demand from the scout to mark something (what he actually don't see). How?

Then we need to recall, that in WWII soldiers already used field cameras (to take photos and selfies etc.). And even some pre-war cameras had the rangefinders.
Now, if we compile these facts, we can to make so, that to place an accurate mark on something, the scout need take a photo of this object from a certain distance.

When he take a shoot, there might be atleast two options - to place a mark, or save the picture but not to place a mark (as a placeholder for advanced gameplay in the future).
Now, who will see those placed marks? I suppose, they will be visible for all, who have same target or object to defend (there is needed one clarification, these targets might be in same area, not exactly same CP etc). 
But i suggest to make these marks visible for pilots in another form. 
One example. The map will consist a grid, every side of square will be 100 meters. If the scout place a mark, then sides of square, where is this mark placed, will be colored to red on the pilot map. Something so.. That means an approximate place.


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I do a LOT of scouting, people were doing scouting before we even had map marking.

Don't need specialized units since everyone has binoculars and map marking.


What IS missing is heavy firepower tools.

An infantry scout that can accurately call in ship, bomber or artillery fire would need some rangefinding tools and a highly accurate locater so the firing unit can make a working solution to hit the area.

Then the other needed component is STO for DD gunfire, bombers, and ultimately artillery.  Artillery would IMO require breaking the spawn castle paradigm, so that's a thing.

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That everyone can mark everything on the map does not mean that it should be so, imho. Than more they marks, them more they will dissipate, but there is reasons to be together and fight next to eachother. IMO, the scouts profession could be additional military profession, which might be interesting to new subscribers.

What about targets to STO Artillery, then i guess, there needs to be a filter - a commanding person (HC, OiC or mission leader), who will get this information from the scouts and decide, is those targets really important, and what to make with them - to attack them by infantry or to call bombers etc. 

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