Reply to Reducing auto supply...

By Capco,
Making a fair game where both sides have an equal chance of winning doesn't have a counterbalance.  There's nothing worth sacrificing it for.     You at CRS are following that exact policy at this very moment with the extra Tigers and semi autos.  If we had historical numbers we wouldn't have a game.  You decided that it's more important for the Axis to be competitive than to be modeled accurately.  (I completely understand the rationale about the extra Tigers basically standing in as infantry support vehicles, but I strongly disagree with where that line has been drawn.  Hopefully the introduction of the Panzer IIIL will get rid of this mess.)   If at any point you have started to sacrifice game balance for completely superficial things like historical accuracy, you've gone down the wrong path.  This is a game first and foremost.     Nothing trumps balance and fairness.  Nothing.