So, I rage quit last night

Just need to vent for a second. Last night, I drove a Char up from the Gem-Jodo FB to the southern outskirts of Jodo. I found a good hull down position ~600M south of the AB, behind a berm where only my turret was exposed. I tangled with a couple of tanks, though I didn't get the kills on them, along with a few infantry and Flak30s, so the enemy know where I was. After a few minutes, I see an 88 rolling along, about 500M north. I start hosing him with my MG. While under MG fire, he rolls to position, and starts deploying. I keep pouring it on... he finishes deploying, I see the barrel sweep over towards me. Still firing, on my third belt now. *Boom*, my gunner and commander killed. He fired one round, no hunting for range or anything like that, instant effect. When I despawn, I see I got the kill on the 88, must have (finally) hit the commander after he deployed. I've played this game for a long time. I know how to range MG fire, it was tearing right through him. I put hundreds of rounds into his position... there is *no way* he should have been able to survive that. I spent almost 30 minutes working my char up from the FB carefully. I worked hard to find a position where I had good frontal cover, and good visibility to the sides to prevent being flanked. I can understand losing an honest battle, but that was complete BS and killed the night for me. The ATG damage model really, really needs to be revised!
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