New AO logics for bridges? (Updated)

<brainstorming> Starting point is to give more freedom to the playerbase without requiring HC to be available, but still keeping the opportunity for HC to put a constraining order if it can help a global strategic plan. Bridges are an important element of the environment and could become real secundary objectives to fight for.   Idea: 1. Each side of a bridge would have a capture building (bunker? Checkpoint?)   2. Default rules would apply with NO NEED for HC-placed AOs: -If your side owns both flags of the bridge, you can rebuild it (only). -If not (just one or none), you can destroy it (only). This is thus valid for both sides, anytime, by default.   3. Both HCs can still place an AO for counter-orders: -sabotage AO: you can destroy it (only) also when owning both flags of the bridge -secure AO: side can repair it (only) also When you don't own both sides (just one flag or none of it)