Future roadmaps: [2nd step] survey draft

From the 1st step of the brainstorming (link right bellow), from 45 answers we could conclude that: 37.77% (summed up) thinks that HATCH's production department alone can do wonders 24.44% thinks new gameplay can bring some renewed succes 24.44% wants efforts to be focused on a 2.0 feasibility study For step 2, I went into higher details for these 3 paths only. NOTE: it doesn't mean other options should no longer be taken into account (and most of these were fused within the production part). It's just a brainstorming trial here. NOTE2: nothing to be concluded/expected from Results, nor to be expected in 2019. Questions and answers will be edited as feedbacks are provided. DO NOT TAKE THESE FIGURES TO CONCLUDE ANYTHING.   Please take your votes and you're welcome to further comment bellow. Please, share your thoughts about the offered poll options. Please stay constructive regarding opinions you don't agree with, you all have great ideas we need to find a compromise for.
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