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Follow Up on Top Bugs Issues

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I have had it happen to me without spawn delay (as allied).. I do believe spawn delay increases the possibility of getting it, but the cause is narrowed down to a supply check of some sort.

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On 9/20/2019 at 10:04 PM, SCKING said:

It should be based off those who are spawned into the game world. I am sure its some type of percentage as well. How it works is also under internal review to make sure its working the way it was designed to work.

First of all, Thanks to everyone that chimed in supporting my claim that the spawn in bug was linked to spawn delay. 

As for your internal audit, I would like to add some things for you to consider.....................

1) Greentags should not figure into this equation....PERIOD!

2) 80 vs 50 is not the same as 8 vs 5, although they represent the same percentage. 

Now let me give you an example of why my two complaints are related........................

Guarding a depot during tz3, depot is under cap. Allies appear to have 8 people logged in, and my best guess is axis might have 5 on the attack. 

problem is, 3 of the "allies" are greentags, wondering around without a clue, shooting at me more often then they are shooting at the axis players. 

I am then whacked with a 20 second spawn delay, compounded by multiple instances of the spawn in bug. By the time I get back in game, depot is capped. 


And please, spare me the argument of training the greentags. Until CRS can implement a required training session for the newcomers, that at a minimum makes sure they know how to use comms, it is a mute point and I would be better off talking to a wall. 

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Yep, two biggest bugs, games allows way unreasonable discrepancy in player numbers between sides and spawn delay.


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