"Monetizing" F2P: auto-side balancing, spawn delay/side delay, and ads

Just throwing in a few more ideas how to incorporate F2P into the game while creating incentives to switch to a paying subscription and at the same time easing some things we never liked as a community: population imbalance and spawn delay. F2P would essentially be the auto-balancer where the F2P players on login would see two options (assuming one side is over-populated). They can wait for countdown timer or queue (similar to Planetside 2) to join their preferred side, or they can immediately spawn into the underpopulated side. And in game, F2P would be subject to spawn delay as well as it currently stands. Subscribers would not have either or these limitations and be able to "jump the line" so to say. This way if the side population deviates say from +/- 10% of absolute balance (50%/50%), this mechanism would kick in. Since subscribers can always spawn into their chosen side like we can now, there is still a chance that one side will be overpopulated... hence continuation of the spawn delay timers. At both the side-selection screen as well as the spawn-in screen you can have a little blurb that reminds F2P players that they can avoid both of these issues if they become a subscriber. Hatch also brought up the idea in a prior post of incorporating ads for the F2P players and opening up the spawn list to them so they can with rank utilize the same weapons as subscribers can. One way to make this for example is to delay the spawn in for F2P for 3-5 seconds and instead of a loading screen it would display an ad. I have no idea how much revenue this would generate but it is an option. I also don't know how companies who pay for the ads would ever know if their investment is leading to greater sales. But it is worth a shot. One other option which is not F2P exclusive would be to monetize the ingame billboards in town for squad recruitment purposes. For example CRS could set a price, say $5 per billboard per month. The squad recruitment ads would naturally have to go through a strict QC process to make sure they have nice aesthetics and fit in the time period (circa-1940 design) so as to not totally break immersion. I could see squads very easily pooling cash together to purchase them. In very certain situations I think we could also get major car manufacturers to advertise on the billboards ingame with period specific-advertisements (probably the only company where seeing an in-game add would seem plausible and not be immersion breaking). Thoughts?
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