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New WWIIOL Steam page design

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For those who don't follow there is a new steam main page. https://store.steampowered.com/app/251950/WWII_Online/

I like the new look, the flat, simple aesthetic is very nice and the logo has just the right amount of extra character and detail to make it stand out.

I'm not sure how the pricing part works and how much you can modify that but for a new player I think they will have a tough time understanding the pricing structure and what units they will have access too.

And for the community at large, something I didn't know about until today, there are forums on the steam store too where players ask questions. Xoom and Zebbeee post there a lot but I'll be doing the same.

As a side note I player with a F2P guy a few days back, and one thing he said he liked the best about the game was 1) massive scale (we were driving around Duss in a 251), couldn't stop talking how huge the game world was, and 2) how uber helpful and friendly the community is (said it was the friendliest/welcoming playerbase he had ever seen).



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S! @aismov

thank you, and indeed the different pack descriptions are next on the list.

Afterwards I will work on basic tutorials.

what would be helpful is having squads creating groups on steam and trying to recruit from there, stream their game sessions, share screenshots and help newbies.

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