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When Tier 3 comes

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Maybe - don't forget about the Union Bank Corp connection with Thyssen. Germany running rough shod over the oil doesn't necessarily mean the US gets frozen out.

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2 hours ago, aismov said:

Germany not attacking the SU would have been a very interesting situation since all/most resources would have gone to N. Africa and the Suez would have fallen and the Middle East would be dominated by the Axis.

How would the Axis have solved the supply problems? Would they have taken the time to build a railroad from Tunis to the Egyptian border, to connect with the British line? I've seen past proejctions that the amount of civil engineering work for that...the route would be very non-flat...would make it a year-plus project even at wartime priorities, and even if the heavy construction resources could be gotten to where needed.

With the French not defeated and their navy operational in the Mediterrainean in parallel with the Brits, supply flow would have been even more challenging than it was historically. 

Putting four German armored divisions into Libya instead of two would just make the supply problem twice as bad.

The key would be taking Malta. Whether that could be done or not would be a function of the state of the German parachute/glider capability and their remaining number of transports after Crete. Historically the Germans simply didn't have enough surviving transports, plus they'd lost confidence that the ground troops assuredly could accomplish the mission given that the Royal Navy likely would prevent sea supply and reinforcement even though the Italians and Kriegsmarine would try. With the Marine Nationale in the mix, sea supply and reinforcement for a Malta attack would be even less likely to succeed.

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The rapid fall of France leads to WWII.

France holds, and we only have "the War" a European conflict 1939 - 19Fortysomething!


S! Ian

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For the Chinese, the war started in 1937.  The United States was actively trying to force Japan to stop its attacks in China and imposed an oil embargo on Japan.  The Japanese had a difficult decision, do nothing and burn all their oil reserves by the spring of 1942 (which would mean the fleet would have to remain in port) or secure new sources of oil.  I really believe that regardless of what happened in France and whether the Germans invaded for did not invade the USSR, the Japanese would still have opted to attack  the US and the British, French and Dutch colonies to secure new sources of oil.  Otherwise, their fleet would have no oil and the Japanese Islands would have been defenceless. (Or the Japanese could have withdrawn from China, but that would never have happened).

The big question is whether Germany would have made the same stupid mistake  that it actually did in 1941, declare war on the US.  Given the history of bad decisions by the German government during the war, I think they likely would have.

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