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DECLASSIFIED - WAR Stories from Map 158- Pictures NEEDED

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Hi Everyone.. now that map 158 is over below are declassified stories from the last desperate week of the war.

Many many F2P players got involved so I thought to share and thank them here as well for sticking by in desperate struggles of the last week!

We had requested a few PHOTO / Screen shot times as well -- IF Anyone took any, PLEASE share in this thread, I have forgotten how to add photo attachments. 








S! AXIS Forces,

It has been a long while since I had the pleasure to be Map OiC on the Axis side (since April or so!)

on Saturday morning my time at 09:10   (Friday 17:10 server time) I woke up to see Frankfurt (our first Factory town to fall) has been taken by the Allied forces and opportunity was available to take on the Map OiC (top dawg online) position. We seemed quite underpop and Allies were on a 17 town cap spree and it seemed like there is no end to it!

After having a good puff, I took on the map and declared operation Rentier to commence in 30 min (17:40 Server time)... called as many as we can on Discord channel and see what we can do ! .. a Hail Marry perhaps to get Frankfurt back (either head on .. or by narrowing its supply line and cutting it off) with RDP at 86% slower (meaning resuply is 28 hours vs 15 hours after something dies to come back in supply), this meant get Frankfurt back on in 24 hours it will be MAJOR suppl shortages.

PHASE I: Force Mobilization  - Success

Supply in the spearhead flag linking to Morbach from Bernkastel was low with no SMGs/Autos... however i thought if we just start who knows may work... we have nothing to lose anyways :) Saw some flags about 2 hours away so started to move them as well to get in the area for later.

At this point to my surprise after a lot of desperate calls.. had a good group of strangers on Discord.. many new players! .... needless to say the fun began! Many MSPs up and some ATGs... and a good group of panzers too! 

Many ETs and EIs showed up of course as Allied knew the fate of the map can change if we manage to cut them off in Frankfurt, Bad Sober and Hahn. 

After a couple of hours of intense battle... it was time for PHASE 2

Phase II: Reconnect 16.2 KG trapped units in North for Morale boost - Success

In the north . 16.2 KG had been trapped in Moerdijk for sometime.... seeing that enemy is very busy trying not to get cut off... decided to launch a Ninja p2 on Oousterhout to reconnect to 16.2 KG.

Quiet MS set.... and enemy was smart and went right after our FB...

However with potthead2 was able to hold FB under camp long enough and feed shermans some rifles until capped a fallback and then ninja capped the AB (thanks for help from a few such as uncle matamor :) )

I did lose the FB however as we had AB on last moment and fallback CP we were able to finish the town and quietly reunite 16.2 KG to the rest of our line.

 Troops were elating with Joy! we were once again taking towns and had stopped thier 17 town cap spree! Allied AOs were crumbling at this point as they were seeing the seriousness of our attacks and saw we can CAB ABs if they dont react.

Phase III: Capture of Piesport to get additional link and supply to attack Morbach (Cut Frankfurt) - Success

3 links available to Piesport, Allied forces busy in Morbach still... our MORALE now high after capture of oosterhout and reverse white flagging allied in the North! ...... Great Chance to CAMP and take Piesport with FORCE FAST!

And what a Blitzkrieg it was..... few Panzers from 250H camped the spawnble and a couple of us capped it.. from there bridge was crossed to main town.. uncle matamor set a MS to town and rest was history, by the time enemy reacted it was too late!

Another glorious victory after hours of being underpop, all of a sudden a surge of pop was witnessed on Axis side! and we had 2 Sec SD !! WoW Factory down but still fighting HARD!


Phase IV: Final Attrition and take of Morbach or Hermskeil - Fail 

After about 8 hours of NON STOP Action in the area.... we got very close!! few times we got in the AB ... pressure was enough that Allied Command vacated Frankfurt and Hahn ... we took the Link FB .. however as close as it got we did not take it back...

kept trying .. after about 13 hours.. even though a fresh batch of supply was available, I was pretty drained at this stage and so were the rest who had been helping me for endless hours in the operation(11 PM my time) , decided to call the conclusion of operation.. .we had some great tactical victories but strategic objective was not taken.

Knowing the fate of the map as explained due to RDP with Frankfurt allied, I took my joint, whiskey and went on for a walk ... got to a golf course... laid on the putting green .. staring into the skies... drinking and chilling away ... humbled by my defeat (or phyric victories) ----- right as I was in the ZONE................ SPRINKLERS GO OFF!!!! bastages!!!! Potthead is WET and Running away in the middle of night... drunk and stoned and defeated!





The next two days were fun also ... . Rentier II (Suicide Convoy from Gerolstien to Hilleshiem to breakout of pocket or DIE for self route) - found that units are cut off .... amassed about 40 players to make a suicide convoy with remaining 20ID HQ suply and attack 2 AB town of hilleshiem to try to break out of pocket or lose enough force to self-route and get back from training sooner... WHAT A SHOW OF FORCE!!!!!! despite again being on the backfoot.. great COMEBACK!!! we did NOT take the town but drained 20ID and ALSO all Allied attacks were halted in response.   (ANY PHOTOS from this one?? @KMS or anyone)




Rentier III ---- Recapture of ESSEN  --- (Ok this story is a self brand marketing Saga of potthead capping ABs by himself to feel better about losing the map ;)while underpop and in camp in Euskirchen (by simoul capping 3 ABs at the same time , pottheads1-3) ;)

on the next day .. logged in to see Essen and Koln fallen and Dusseldorf (final factory) under cap and had a counter on Essen... good defense was in place in Dusseldorf and Allied went to Euskirchen with FULL FORCE! If we Do NOT take Essen - map is over in morning and NO FINAL TIER of Equipment!!!

We kept our ground down to AB for a couple of hours... I felt like Allied will win this battle and the town was going down, also noticed they had blinkers are and too focused on winning the town , they were giving a LOT of casualty but still kept coming..

Are they really that busy ??? Are they really NOT looking at anything else? Essen has been contested a while and no recap at ALL.... maybe I can sneak and take Essen???

I had decided to clear Essen and go for another cut via Kurten // however Iian77 asked for AO to stay as he had MSP up... JB6 and him were moling away and town was contested for a LONG TIME with no RECAP...

So thought.. ok ill go mole a for a moment too... got to SAB.. NO GUARD............. instead of capping.. decided to go on a venture with 2 other pottheads to the other 2ABs....

My HAND WAS SHAKING... Heart beating at 180 per min... .and this moment....... wife orders me to take our 2.5 year old daughter to bed as she is refusing mommy! (Doh! dont they know how important this is !!! 3 ABs of our FACTORY .. end of MAP or NOT!).... anyways.. with baby on my lap begging her to sleep with bribes of M&Ms, ice cream tomorrow, whatever you want!.... managed to walk the other 2 into bunkers.. potthead3 almost died to AI .. but he made it .. phew!!! ALL 3 BUNKERS CAPPED:D SO HAPPY..... 

Now it was Nowhere near over... Allied still hanging on to the Euskirchen AO but some of them coming back to stop us from taking Essen.. for another 2 hours or more we fought in town to end it.even lost of 2 of the 3 ABs back and most of the CPs.. I was pulling my hair... punching the desk... demanding VICTORY!! This is GERMANY's FINAL LINE OF DEFENSE !!  Eventually with taking the FB down (as i saw Bloodybill logging in, of course he can go for the link FB) ... despite some defense, FB was taken... and then retaken by Allies but JUST in the last moment the enemy link spawn was recapped so we were eventually able to finish  (god kept me up after 1 AM.. going to be tough day at work)....... at points I was driving 3 trucks on one PC (dont ask how) and taking green tags to cap (who would NOT sit to end the cap and after like 10% would go another CP... OMG try to explain what is going on and how important it is to sit in a empty flag for 5 min till it caps :D) 

anyhow .. SO MUCH FUN! i know the map maybe OVER but to the last moment we fought like hell.

I salute all who stay to the LAST MOMENT and fight HARD like we  are winning! Have fun . 

S! Potthead




OPERATION : Pipe Dream : Capture of England on LAST DAY..........FAIL ---- OPERATION PHOTO OP: SUCCESS

So on the LAST day of the MAP I logged in to find most of our high commanders had taken the last submarine to Argentina and I had missed the boat! 

Finding myself desperate in the Berlin bunker (thanks @XOOM for helping out in the bunker, he missed the U-Boat too) I opened my map with my phantom divisions on it and decided to make a plan to take ENGLAND! (with my pipe in one hand and map in the other)...

Allied had left only 1 division holding an stretched western front.. I could muster 3 divisions against is very easy... only a HQ And a Armour flag holding Achel (with nothing behind it but England)

Now all I needed was TROOPS :D .... So comes my signature SPAMs for operations coming ... we did get a good group maybe 10 or so on Discord and 30 or so on mission!! 

PANZERS ROARING... INFANTRY Riding on them.... Trucks covering... a MIGHTY SIGHT to see on the last day

Knowing we are so underpop and that it is in fact a pipe dream.. this was of course more for FUN And a photo op..

Essen (the last factory) again was under attack ... we kept the attack on Achel going for a while and kept the last AB in Essen best we could.... then after having had our photo and fun all went back to save Essen to fight another day :)

Please if you have PHOTOS from these operations.. POST here.  


Congrats to the Allied for their victory.





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This is pretty cool btw, I think story telling like this is unique to our community and is a joy for others to read. Was a lot of fun, hard fought good Campaign for sure.

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4 hours ago, potthead said:

I have forgotten how to add photo attachments. 

put photos on imgur.com
then just paste links in post and it will insert them

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On 1/17/2019 at 2:16 PM, Merlin51 said:

put photos on imgur.com
then just paste links in post and it will insert them

Having the hardest time with registering this ... i am tech-retard... or simply too stoned..  Anyone else has any of these cool photos we took??? I want to make it my desktop background!

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1 minute ago, potthead said:

Having the hardest time with registering this ... i am tech-retard... or simply too stoned..  Anyone else has any of these cool photos we took??? I want to make it my desktop background!

to put images in forum
put on a free hosting site, i use imgur.com, you just drag n drop or copy paste images to it
the when you image is uploaded you click it and a window pops up and it has image links you can click on to copy

then come to forum, make a post and paste the image link.

Now to make image a desktop background, just save image on your PC
then right click image and pick set as desktop background

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Thank for declassifying and sharing this excellent narrative Potthead - great way to bring the big picture and behind the scenes strategic overlay into focus. 



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