The FMS, the Light Infantry FRU, and You

After playing around with the HC Officer FRUs (i.e. infantry-placed FRUs with increased durability that can only spawn bolt-action riflemen), I am thoroughly convinced that the infantry-placed FRU needs to make a comeback in a much bigger and more impactful form than it currently has.     My proposal for a Light Infantry FRU is as follows:   1) Remove the HC Officer class (I don't like stratification, especially along HC/non-HC lines). 2) Replace with the Mission Leader class (exact same load out and function) that is available to all premium subscribers (and maybe in DLC form). 3) Increase supply from 10 to 15 units per flag, depending on DLC amounts. 4) This FRU has the same durability as the old Inf-Placed FRU (takes 1 grenade to destroy). 5) Restrict unit spawning to Light Infantry:  Riflemen (including Semi-Autos), SMGs, and LMGs*. 6) Do NOT include specialist/heavy* infantry units (snipers, grenadiers, mortars, engineers, sappers, RPATs, Mission Leaders); these should remain FMS spawnable-only.   Merits: 1) It offers a secondary option to the noisy, large, truck-placed FMS. 2) It removes the AT element that was so unpopular among tankers with the old FRUs. 3) Once a defense is "out in the fields", their presence makes the deployment of a truck-based FMS difficult.  The Light Infantry FRU allows for an AO to be sustained beyond this phase. 4) It provides more firepower than the HC-placed FRU we have now. 5) Tanks will still be vulnerable to the more obvious FMS-spawned heavy infantry. 6) It allows the Underpop Side a better chance at setting up attacks than otherwise possible with the truck-placed FMS. 7) It means the Mission Leader unit itself must be kept alive in order to reset the FRU (instead of any surviving infantry regardless of class, thus allowing defenders to "kill the mole"). New Mission Leader units may not spawn at the Light Infantry FRU.     *In regards to the LMG, some might argue that the LMG is a "heavy weapon", while others might argue that it is an essential element of light infantry units.  The choice is yours to make in the poll.  
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