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      Hells Gate   03/24/2019

      Break through the lines, and enter Hells Gate!!! This will be the next CRS organized event.  Lead by the High command from each side.
      Free Premium Access for the event
      Date: 3/30/19 Time: 11:00 AM Server time/ 12:00pm EST/ 1600 GMT
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Axis if you want to see a new bunker....

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So I logged off just now, before seeing this, Merlin51, otherwise I'd have come to help you.


Instead, I did a little testing as, (omg) a german...  You know, it's been SO long since I logged in as a german...  (How long was it?)....   That I didn't even know they have different music until 1 hour ago, lolol.  So when did the load up screens get the 'new' music?  Had to have been a decade ago, at least.  lolol



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