A few questions.

1. Was I mistaken when the new TO&E entered... did I see fg42s in the regular infantry? They should only be in the para brigs only. 2. During intermission, it seems as if the 17pdr is still shooting the APC round. What is the ETA on fixing? Not a rush, I don't expect to see the firefly or Achilles soon or often but by the off chance we do get to play with them sooner than later, it would be nice to have that historic and correct ammo. I should not be struggling to kill a tiger at 1600 frontally at all. It should be able to produce 2800m frontal kills. 3. ATR killing A13s still in the same spots they always have.. they have spaced armor, some of those kill spots should be gone. I guess the armor audit has yet to touch the cruisers? 4. In regard to the cruiser tanks. Will the spaced armor on those effect the HEAT projectile performance? My cru3 sorties in intermission got raped by shrecks.. out of depots frontally.. this is a honest question. What should I expect? 5. The skirts on the BEF tanks, are they configured to have any defensive purposes? Or are the in reality of zero defensive purpose? I genuinely don't know? 6. The baby Sherman HEAT round.. I know it's been done via Scotsman... but do we have an eta before it's in the game? Especially since we have to contend with tigers in t2 with baby shermans. I'm pretty sure that HEAT round will be dangerous to the tiger but I could be mistaken, but not the StugGs. 7. I pointed this out with the ch4 CS tank and I see the issue was passed onto the ch8 CS. The site cannot be adjusted for range... certainly they where able to dial in the range right? I have pointed this out 2x in the bug forums with zero response. Do they, or don't they have dialed range settings? 8. Smoke rounds.. are they really that short ranged? In all of the shermans I have to aim so high I lose the target if they are past mb 1k? What are we to expect in reality? I actually got some smoke out to about 1400m but I was aiming at the treetops next to me.
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