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Where Eagles Dare - an WWIIOL AAR

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I found this from the map before last, and thought it might be worth posting here as well!  (In case of any confusion, Whips were playing Allied at the time).
Now, this may read like a boys own adventure story, but it is the true tale of four intrepid Whips and a single Lancer, and their outlandish and daring destruction of a vital FB deep behind enemy lines!

So, the Allies were starting to push back into Antwerp, and the Axis had just pulled out of Schilde. Whips were concentrating on all the strategic implications of the very complex map situation and decided to blow the Ant Schilde FB, but the bridge was down, and when the discussion turned to a possible AO on Schilde we decided to do our bit and help Allied HC to take down the connecting FB from Oostemalle to Schilde!

The challenge;
1. To blow the axis held Schilde Oost FB, without driving through Schilde and setting off ews,
2. To cross the river without a bridge
3. No engineers available in Ant Central that linked to Schilde
4. How to resupply without a truck, and blow VEH, INF and Others?

The solution....... FLY!!!

Badgnus suggested he fly there! Brilliant a JU52 to target and then pop the FB, but how to resupply Ammo, I had a cunning plan, and set a mission from Ant to Schilde and got Bez the lancer to spawn an Ammo NCO!!! We were engies at Ant AF, and Badgnus had to fly to us from Brussels, Pick up the engies and ammo leader, fly to target, land, blow the FB and then RTB the engies. I am sure you will all agree this plan was BRILLIANT!! It was bold and in keeping with the Whips Special Ops tradition.

So, I set up the mission and the demolition team of Weejocky, Drloo, and Shini assembled on the airfield at Antwerp. Bez spawned his ammo NCO and we waited for our Eagle to land.

Badgnus duly arrived from Brussels and we got on board, and then Badgnus announced that he had never flown a JU52 and had no idea if he could take off and land with us on board.... and then we all got off again. BUT not because we did not have faith in our pilot, oh no! Unfortunately, a propeller had been damaged on landing. So Badgnus had to respawn. As we boarded our ride for the second time, satchels started to explode!! Were we under attack or was Shini playing silly buggers? We all blamed Shini, only to discover as we took off that Drloo had no satchels left (remember resupply was our biggest problem) He tried to claim that he must have had a satchel placing firebug!!!

We flew on.

Across the wide river, skirting AAA, deep deep behind enemy lines. The target was in sight, we flew over it, commenced landing,and kept going... and going...finally coming to a gentle rest.

Badgnus landed and the assault team piled out, headed to target. Bez set up the ammo cache. Bez tried again to set the ammo cache. It wouldn't work - turns out Bez set his own mission and his target was Ant! By this stage Shini's natural positive out look and good humour were coming to the fore, and we decided that without ammo, and in view of the scarcity of engineers we should just fly home. Except Badgnus had pranged another prop, and we couldn't take off! He went back to the Brussels AF to fetch another JU52. Bez despawned his useless ammo NCO, and instead spawned a truck at Leir FB and decided to run the Schilde bridge and swing wide east along the river avoiding the town, to the FB.

We bold combat engineers began the 2km hike back to the FB (we had started to run south to the river to rtb). As EWS went off in Schilde (Bez crossing the river) opels spawned from the FB and raced off to set dfrus at Schilde, then ews cleared and the FB went silent, and so we waited. Then we heard it... the faintest of sounds ... the low constant drone of a JU52 inbound to the FB. This time a perfect landing was executed and Badgnus was just 1000m west of the target ready to bring the brave engineers home. Then Bez arrived and we went into overdrive, well first Drloo had to get resupplied following his "accident" at the AF!

It was a textbook demolition, the FB was down, the truck despawned and the engies ran to the waiting transport aircraft, ready for the long flight home and the well deserved congratulations of all allied players and HC for pulling off an amazing FB bust!

Off we roared, and just as the final credits started to scroll up the screen Badgnus clipped a berm and that was that. JU52 number 3 and all passengers, kaput! Just as we commiserated at the loss of another JU52 and 3 valuable engineers, allied HC announced all efforts were switching to the South, no AO on Schilde for the foreseeable future......

As Shini said, "Never, in the field of WWIIOL conflict, has so much been done, to blow an FB, that has had absolutely no effect on the campaign".

Personally I prefer to think of this as proof that no plan survives intact following first contact with the enemy. Albeit, Shini says we didn't actually meet the enemy!!....

"Schilde Oost FB allied again - Whipped"

S! Ian
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