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1.36: New Issues Ticketed and In Progress

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Recently the Community Management and Quality Assurance team conducted a series of important tests and found some bugs that need correction. Those have since been ticketed for our developers and they're now working on them.

Recent ticketed items in progress include...

  1. Town ownership issue when restarting game cluster (flipped to the other side)
  2. Joining a Garrison mission from the Active Battles Tab not working
  3. Dots identifying units in a town (UI) reporting an extra
  4. Capturing a Garrison and creating a new mission from it would show enemy supply
  5. Pocket (Surrender mechanism) related rear Garrison issue

These have been issued out for assignment and our developers are currently debugging. Then this will go back to our QA and CM team to confirm and make sure it's resolved. 

My goal here is to maintain transparency with you guys and re-affirm attention and considerable focus is being given to push 1.36 to completion. Will report more as we go along.

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