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Community Manager Change

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Good afternoon everyone. 

I wanted to take this time to announce that I will be stepping back from my role as the Community Manager. I have recently been promoted at work and the obvious amount of time that will be required will take away from this vital role the the community. The community manager and the community management team is your advocate to the CRS leadership team and developers etc. In my time I have answered several topics here in the forums and help drive the direction of the game by brining up your thoughts, commentary and concerns to the team. With that being said I will be moving to the ACM role and helping Westy and the Allied side both HC and non-HC alike. 

I would also like to announce my replacement and new Community Manager @TMAN. Tman has the experience and respect of the playerbase to do a great job for this community. I will also be around if he has any questions etc. PLease welcome him and treat him well. 



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