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Bombs will kill a pz now.. incld the Tiger. These are my own db7 stats for this map

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We already know Axis bombs didn't seem too be affected by the  first iteration of a bomb audit. As they were continually killing allied armor throughout the past few campaigns. With the recent audit again of bombs these are my own stats that show  Bombs are killing PZs now.. Aint that fun :) Key is too hit the cardboard size spot on each one to score that kill hahaha :)  I flew Hundreds of missions and bombed countless number of pzs and most of them didn't seem hurt at all. It is VERY Rare too track a pz now in fact i think ive tracked less than killed. In fact i know that is the case. 

get you some of that!

  Panzer 38(t) 3 - 3
  Panzer II C 2 - 2
  Panzer III H 1 - 1
  Panzer IV D 2 1  
  Panzer VI E Tiger 1 - 1
  SdKfz 232 10 -  1  
  SdKfz 251 C 2 - 2
  SdKfz 7 Halftrack 5 - 5
  SdKfz 7/2 Halftrack (SPAA)  3 - 1  
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